FORUM KÓŁ NAUKOWYCH – spotkania z nauką i sztuką

Forums of science and art is an initiative launched by the Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Scientific Circles of the Metallurgical Division in 2003. Active cooperation of the scientific circles guardians and STN led to a new form of activity in the students’ scientific movement called „Scientific Circles Forum – a meeting of science and art”. This initiative was designed to go beyond the standard methods for the promotion of technical sciences, showing their links with elements of the humanities, as well as creating additional opportunities for students of technical universities to get into contact with the culture and art. The intermediate objective of this initiative is to integrate the academic with an emphasis on students’ scientific movement, as well as the promotion of academic research groups in the community. Form of a 'Forum’ favors such actions, through the association of the papers of experienced researchers and students and a variety of artistic presentations, including recitals, mini-shows, previews, etc. Periodicity of these meetings – first Tuesday of the month (during the entire academic year) and their uniqueness in the scale of the University is likely to promote these ideas.