Between March 20-25, 2012 the annual EURODOC International Conference 2012 was held in Krakow and was addressed to PhD students and young researchers. Conference participants had the opportunity to discuss the funding of education and research of postgraduates and young researchers.
The conference was organized by the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Jagiellonian University and the KRD (National PhD Committee). Official patrons of the conference included the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Marshal of Małopolska, Rector of the AGH prof. Antoni Tajduś and Rector of the Jagiellonian University prof. Karol Musioł.
The conference was split into research and reporting-election parts. The scientific portion gave an opportunity to hear many interesting lectures on, among other things, the role of public and private institutions in the financing of education, and about academic spin-off enterprises. The main event of this conference was held at the historic Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow, where great speakers like prof. Andrew Jajszczyk, prof. Tadeusz Uhl, Dr. Anna Belcarz, Dr. Theodore Papazoglou, David Berg gave their lectures.

On subsequent days workshops were held, during which graduate students and young researchers from across Europe were able to join in panel discussions in various fields. During the workshops very important issues from the perspective of young researchers were raised, including the topic of scientific research and how to raise funds for this research. Workshops on the role of public and private institutions in supporting young PhD students with disabilities were also very popular.
During the reporting-election part, the summary of EURODOC organization in the past year and the election of its new board took place. This year’s meeting was also coincided with the celebration of 10th anniversary of EURODOC, what made it even more special.

EURODOC is an international federation of graduate students and young researchers from 33 countries of the European Union and Council of Europe. The organization represents the interests of graduate students and young scientists at the European level in education, research and professional development and working on improving doctoral programs and research standards in Europe.
The tasks of the organization include promoting the exchange of information on the situation of doctoral students and young researchers in Europe, organization of meetings and debates of young scientists. EURODOC representatives also participate in the development of guidelines related to higher education and research in Europe. All tasks are designed to improve conditions for young researchers, both through involvement in research and higher education policies, but also to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between research centers. EURODOC 2012 conference has ended but the Polish experience with the organization EURODOC not yet. During the meeting’s reporting and electoral part, EURODOC authorities elected our Polish representative, Klaudia Proniewska (Czopek) to become a Board Member, who has been acting Vice President of AGH University of Science and Technolgoy PhD Council and a representative of the National Doctoral Student Organization (KRD) for International Affairs. Another success Poland can be proud of is the appointment of the Coordinator of the Commission for Persons with Disabilities, which was conceived and coordinated by Maciej Borówka, one of the young scientists AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.