Święta Dzieciom – Christmas for Children

Since 2004 every year people gather under the theme „Christmas for Children” to raise money for a just cause – for children in need. The campaign initially was aimed at raising money so Christmas gifts could be purchased for children from orphanages and in 2010 also for children residing at Home Hospice Foundation for Children „Alma Spei”. Kids wrote letters to St. Nicholas with wishes that students try to meet as closely as possible. Last year the goal of the campaign was raising money for the Children’s University Hospital in Krakow. Fundraising is combined with several days of events, some thanks to high favor with University’s authorities, already permanently etched into the life of our University. Over the years funds raised in the campaign allowed us to buy presents for pupils from Orphanage No. 1 and No. 7, an orphanage for girls at ul. Siemiradzkiego, Jan Brzechwa Orphanage, family homes in Sułkowice and Rabka Home Hospice and the Foundation for Children „Alma Spei”. Toys, games, educational development aids, arts and special education professional materials (such as hairdressing tools) were purchased over the years. Each year volunteers are able to personally deliver the Christmas packages to the children.
The campaign gained momentum with the involvement of over one hundred and fifty volunteers helping in all departments, all wearing Christmas hats and red shirts with the logo of the action. In return for handing out an occasional donation, specially minted coins or bear stickers are given out.
„Christmas for Children” is an initiative linked to supporting cultural events to raise money. Traditionally, it starts from the Great caroling at the Dean’s Offices, in which students engage with great fervor. Anyone can come by the Dean’s Office, where texts of Christmas carols and occasional hats will be waiting for anyone willing to participate. At noon the University turns into a great family time singing Christmas songs and raising money for a common objective. The following days are dependent on the initiatives that the organizers come up with each year. In subsequent years there were concerts, auctions, Tramp Party – charity riding the bus from Student Campus – AGH and the bazaar, where ornaments made by children from orphanages could be bought: hand-painted cups, trimmed Christmas trees made of salt mass and paper, Christmas cards and decorations that glow in the night to name a few more recent. In the evenings the fund raising traditionally goes from the college buildings to the nearby dorms.
The last day is the Grand Final, the main party at the “Studio” club with invited guests and performers. In subsequent years groups that performed during the Final inlcuded:: Orchestra of AGH University of Science and Technology, Con Fuoco Choir, Dance Studio Sihir, Young Men Cabaret and Cabaret Temporary Heater. During the 2010 Final an auction was conducted with great items available to bid on: Tomasz Adamek boxing gloves, a Polish soldier’s uniform from Afghanistan, a Polish flag signed by women’s national volleyball team, autographed helmet from Rector Kąkol.
The three-day fundraising with many students involved is also good fun for participants. It is safe to say that the Merry Christmas for Children’s utilizes the enormous potential offered by the University in the form of young people whose enthusiasm and energy makes it possible to organize a large project. It puts a smile, not only for the increasing number of children that had a difficult childhood, but also among students, who are evidence that there is more than one Santa Claus is still studying at the AGH University of Science and Technology.


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swięta dzieciom
swięta dzieciom